We offer a range of products from Light Lifting HB Systems to Engineered Processed Cranes.

HB Systems

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  • Combines the effectiveness of a stationery hoist with the mobility of a travelling crane, efficiently and cost effectively.
  • For Load capacities up to 2000kg.
  • The system can be adapted and individually fitted to almost any type of room or ceiling design.


Single Girder Cranes

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  • Efficient material handling where limited head room is available.
  • Space saving configurations.
  • Capacities ranging up to 12.5tonnes, with Spans up to 36m.
  • Compact design allows very high hook positions.


Double Girder Cranes

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  • These units are available with a number of main Girder connection versions to best suit new or existing buildings and the best in functionality, versatility and convenience.


Underslung Cranes

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  • Capacities of up to 8t and Spans of up to 25m.
  • Efficient material handling solutions in tight spaces and difficult design conditions.
  • With minimum side approaches and canterleavers to suit.


Jib Cranes

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  • Jib cranes increases the efficiency of any operation.
  • Handle loads of up to 6 tons easily.
  • With the touch of a button or push pull operation.
  • Jib cranes can be mounted on pillars, walls or columns.
  • Fitted with a chain hoist for high performance in congested manufacturing areas or wire rope hoists for increase lifting heights.


Portal Cranes

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  • Available in double and single girder.
  • Used in outdoor applications for loading Stock Yards where the costs of the gantry would be prohibitive.
  • Can incorporate several Hoists.
  • Increased the stacking efficiency.
  • Canter leavers allow access to areas outside of the crane rails.


Process and Heavy Duty Cranes

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  • Incorporates many of the features of the double girder cranes with extended duty cycles.
  • High levels of loading special applications in the metal working, power station and container handling industries.
  • Customized electronic, electrical and mechanical controls.
  • Open drum design provides true vertical lift.
  • A separate gearbox, break and motor allow for ease of maintenance.

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